Url: http://www.dreamenglish.com/
Date: 10.09.2016
Reviewer: Nur Gedik Bal
1) Availability of Membership/Subscription (Phone, email, social media)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamenglish
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/dreamenglishkids

2) Whether registration is required for the access to the materials, worksheets etc.
Registration is not required for the access to the videos or documents.
3) Authorship (Contact/ information about the author/institution/website owner)

4) Site description and content (Short description of website, purpose, language skills, materials and activities, learners proficiency level, age )
The website presents free videos, songs, games lesson plans and it involves a shop where people can buy products like videos and albums. The website is mainly intended for children as the level of the songs and videos is beginner and it is a quite colorful website.
5) Up-to-datedness (Updated time and current links)
Copyright 2016
6) Accuracy (Accurate information, bibliography, language accuracy)
The language of the website is accurate.
7) Presentation (Organization/navigation, user-friendliness, technical aspects, graphics, advertisement)
The organization of the website is simple. It is easy to navigate. It is colorful and charming for the kids. There are not any advertisements.
8) Usefulness (For teachers / students – in class or out class activity)
The videos and songs can be used by language teachers in class. It will be both interesting and enjoyable for young language learners.
9) Overall rating

1 Very Poor (Not recommended)
2 Poor (Not appropriate)
3 Adequate (Acceptable with adaptation)
4 Good (Appropriate for use)
5 Excellent (Highly recommended)
1 2 3 4 5