Bookmarking Applications

In order to investigate EFL teachers’ individually-guided professional development activities in Turkey and identify any needs for new professional development programs, Dr. Cagri Ozkose-Biyik from Yasar University and Dr. Oner Uslu from Ege University have developed a questionnaire. Then, they collected data from 820 EFL teachers across Turkey as well conducting 28 individual interviews. The mobile applications shared with you here are the applications that the EFL teachers mentioned in these questionnaires and interviews.
For your convenience, Behice Ceyda Cengiz and Nur Gedik Bal, PhD students at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara reviewed the mobile applications that 848 teachers in the abovementioned study shared. Enjoy!

Delicious Delicious is a bookmarking application. A language teacher can make use of this application to save the links he will use in classes or share them with his students. Moreover, a researcher in language learning and teaching can make use of this app to save the links of the studies or articles he reviewed. With this app, one can make use of the links on whichever device he has with him like tablet, pc or mobile phone.
Diigo Diigo is a bookmarking application. With Diigo, a teacher can take notes and add bookmarks to his library. He can also highlight, annotate, and stick note on embed web view. He can also organize text note, pictures, bookmarks etc. and mark webpages as “read later” in desktop browsers, then read it on their mobile phones.