Winner of the Activity that Integrates Technology with Teaching English in the Best Way Category
Gözem Çeçen, Anadolu Üniversitesi, Eskişehir

Information about the Teacher
Grade level(s) the teacher is teaching: Elementary & Pre-intermediate
Year(s) of experience as an English teacher: 5
Information about the Activity
Primary Category: Grammar
Students’ English Proficiency Level: Elementary
Students’ Age Group: 18-21
Students’ Grade Level: University Prep

Purpose of the Activity: Ss will be able to grasp the function & form of present continuous tense in the affirmative form via group work through an interactive and contextual activity combined with a mild taste of ‘guided discovery’ and ‘TTT’ approach. The activity itself integrates technology into the method of delivery thus helping T to become a ‘facilitator’ via QR codes. They’d also serve as an appealing learning tool for Ss who see smart phones as ‘sine qua non’.
Class size: 14
Group size: 7
Materials Needed: *Classroom (obviously) *A printer and enough number of xerox papers *Sellotape
*Ss should have smart phones that allow them to download and use QR code reader (i-nigma QR code reader) *Kahoot test
Technology Needed: *Class with a computer to play sounds and show visuals *Class with an OHP and speakers for Ss to see and hear images-videos-sounds *QR code generator & reader *Internet connection for Kahoot test
Brief Description of the Activity: Warm up: Ss work in 2 groups and try to write down as many everyday activities as possible within 1 minute.
1-Sounds to download on Youtube and convert into mp3 format: snoring, baby crying, phone ringing, audience clapping, shower, wedding march, dog barking, swimming. Name them in the alphabetical order; i.e: snoring as ‘A’, crying as ‘B’ and make ready to play.
2- Find a related image for each sound and put them in the QR code format. Use to do it. Make sure these QR codes are coloured blue.
3- Create QR codes for these sentences: -My grandma is snoring! -The baby is crying! -My phone is ringing -People are clapping the singer -My dad is taking a shower -My best friends are getting married -The dog is barking -I am swimming. Use the same site again and make sure these QR codes are coloured green.
4-Print all the QR codes in the A4 paper format. Stick them around the classroom randomly.
Procedure: T writes the names of the sounds on the board alphabetically and downward. Ss will listen to the sounds one by one. The groups will use their QR code readers on their phones to access the images and sentences embedded in the QR codes printed and put on the walls around the class. Group Blue will be responsible for the blue coloured QR codes so they will find the correct image for each sound while listening to that sound.
Group Green will be responsible for the green coloured QR codes so they will find the printed QR code paper containing the correct sentence for each sound. Each group has 5 minutes to do it. When the groups find the images/sentences that they think are the correct ones, they will stick them on the board as: Sound (already written on the board by T)-> Correct picture QR code-> Correct sentence QR code .
Then, both groups will check the other party’s answers to find if the sounds, images and sentences match correctly by using QR code reader. After both parties agree that QR codes are ordered correctly, T replays each sound and asks CCQs to elicit the meaning and the function of the target subject (i.e. “Is it about past? Is it about always?”, “Is the activity finished?” Is it happening now?” When T assures that Ss get the meaning and function, Ss come to the board with their groups and read the green QR codes, discuss & discover the affirmative form by noticing the subject and verb patterns. Lastly, Ss, again as in groups, on their phones, play the Kahoot test on the target grammar prepared by T.