English Club

Title: English Club
Url: https://www.englishclub.com/
Date: 11.9.2016
Reviewer: Behice Ceyda Cengiz
1) Availability of Membership/Subscription (Phone, email, social media)


2) Whether registration is required for the access to the materials, worksheets etc.
Registration is not required. All of the materials are for free. Only there are some books for sale. Registration is required only for My English Club (MyEC),which is the site where members of the group share content, discuss, have chat, etc.
3) Authorship (Contact/ information about the author/institution/website owner)

4) Site description and content (Short description of website, purpose, language skills, materials and activities, learners proficiency level, age )

The website has rich content including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, spelling, listening, speaking, reading and writing. For learners, there are lessons about these contents (written explanation), audio recordings, tests, quizzes, games, videos, songs, jokes and chat. For teachers, there are ESL worksheets, handouts, activities, lesson plans, forum, tips for teaching students with learning disabilities, TEFL trainings, school projects (that can be set up with other school teachers), job offers, articles, classroom management tips, etc. One very nice feature of the website is that learners can sign up for My English Club (MyEC), which includes top photos, videos, blogs and discussions. From here, learners can participate in groups such as Skypers, Let’s speak English, etc. to find partners for speaking English.
5) Up-to-datedness (Updated time and current links)

It is a website, which is updated frequently as understood from the loaded content and vocabulary of the day (changing every day).
6) Accuracy (Accurate information, bibliography, language accuracy)
The language used on the website is accurate. No bibliography is provided.
7) Presentation (Organization/navigation, user-friendliness, technical aspects, graphics, advertisement)

It can be considered a user friendly website. But it is full of information and there are so many contents to be clicked on the main page.
8) Usefulness (For teachers / students – in class or out class activity)
The content is very rich and addresses a wide range of topics and language skills/areas. Learners and teachers can use these materials both inside and outside the classroom. Lots of tips for language teachers are provided. Learners can also use the website for self-study.
9) Overall rating

1 Very Poor (Not recommended)
2 Poor (Not appropriate)
3 Adequate (Acceptable with adaptation)
4 Good (Appropriate for use)
5 Excellent (Highly recommended)
1 2 3 4 5