Recently, Çağrı Özköse Bıyık, Ph.D. from Yaşar University and Öner Uslu from Ege University have conducted a needs analysis study by collecting quantitative data from 820 English teachers, and interview data from 28 English teachers across Turkey. Based on the needs stated by the EFL teachers, seven webinars in the following topics will be held from April 5th until June 7th:

  1. Reflective Practice, Thursday April 5th
  2. The Post Method Pedagogy, Thursday April 19th
  3. Incorporating Online Speaking Projects in Language Classrooms, Thursday May 3rd
  4. Let’s Incorporate Some “lets” into Teaching – “Quizlet” and “Padlet”, Thursday May 17th
  5. Incorporating Technology – “QR Codes” and More, Thursday May 31st
  6. Drama Techniques for EFL Teachers, Tuesday June 5th
  7. Understanding Generation Z and Their Needs, Thursday June 7th


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