Terms and Conditions


FP7 Marie Curie “Revitalizing EFL Teachers’ Professional Development through Innovative Programs in Europe” Career Integration Grant

The Best Activity in Teaching English Competition


1. All English teachers who work at state or private schools, and instructors who work at state or foundation/private universities are eligible to participate in the competition.

2. The applicant should have at least one year experience in teaching English.

3. There is not a restriction on the grade level that the teacher is teaching. In other words, the applicants could be teaching young learners, secondary-level students or adults.

4. There are two categories in the competition: 1) the best activity for crowded classrooms and 2) the activity that integrates technology with teaching English in the best way. An activity can only be submitted for one category. A teacher can participate in the competition with up to 10 activities, filling out separate application forms for each activity being submitted. A teacher can apply for both categories; however, s/he can only be awarded for one category.

5. The classroom size in crowded classrooms should be at least 40.

6. For “the activity that integrates innovative technologies with teaching English in the best way” category, “innovate technologies” include social networking sites, blogs, wikis, web applications, mobile applications, online quizzes, classroom response systems such as iclickers or piazza, e-portfolios, virtual worlds (e.g., Second Life) and online gamification tools for language learning and/or teaching and more. Some examples are Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, Flickr, Myspace, Skype, Edmodo, Animoto, ClassDojo, Popplet, Del.icio.us, and Digg.

7. The awards for each category are as follows: the winner 750 TL, first runner up 500 TL and second runner up 250 TL.

8. The results will be announced on the project website (www.eflteachers.net) within a month following the application deadline of the competition.

9. The award-winning activities and the short biographies of the teachers will be presented on the project website (www.eflteachers.net) on September 20th 2016. Personal information will only be released after getting the approval of the award-winning teachers. The award-winning teachers will be invited to the HORIZON 2020 Marie Sklodowska Curie Program, European Researchers’ Night that will be held on September 30th 2016 at Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey. Assit. Prof. Dr. Cagri Ozkose-Biyik, the Marie Curie EFL Teachers project coordinator and organizer of this competition, will hold an event at this program and the award-winning teachers will be announced during this event. Unfortunately, the Marie Curie EFL Teachers Project does not provide funding for the transportation and/or accommodation expenses of the teachers who would like to attend this program; however, partial funding might be available by the European Researchers’ Night Program.

10. All activities that are sent to the competition will be shared for the benefit of other EFL or ESL teachers via the project website (www.eflteachers.net). No royalty fees will be paid for the activities that are announced on the website.

11. The jury to evaluate the activities includes 3 English language teaching field experts, 2 doctoral or master’s-level graduate students, and 5 English teachers representing different grade levels. There will be two rounds in the evaluation process. In the first round, applications will be selected based on completeness and compliance to guidelines, terms and conditions. In the second round, the jury will evaluate the activities based on the following criteria:
I. Originality
II. Practicality
III. Clarity (of description, procedures, etc.)
IV. Writing Quality
V. Pedagogic Appropriateness