Second Runner-up of the Activity that Integrates Technology with Teaching English in the Best Way Category
Ali Ardahan Sütçüoğlu, Sınav Koleji, Antalya

Information about the Teacher
Grade level(s) the teacher is teaching: 9th, 10th, 11th grades
Year(s) of experience as an English teacher: 2
Information about the Activity
Primary Category: Speaking
Students’ English Proficiency Level: Elementary
Students’ Age Group: 10
Students’ Grade Level: Middle school
Purpose of the Activity: The purpose of the activity is to encourage Ss’ motivation and foster speaking and comprehension skills on how to give simple directions to a certain location using basic instructions such as ‘turn left/right, go straight ahead, pass the traffic lights’ etc.
Class size: 24
Group size: 2
Materials Needed: Smart board or projector Internet connection
Technology Needed: Smart board or projector Internet connection
Brief Description of the Activity: T revises structures that s/he has already given in advance in previous classes by forming simple sentences and asking questions. T, then, opens up Google Street View on the smartboard (or projector) and attracts pupils’ attention and arouse curiosity and s/he models the language giving example sentences that Ss will need to use. (Ss really love trying to find their own houses and seeing familiar places on Google Street View.) T invites two volunteers to the board. Student A is given a certain location that is supposed to be asked to the other student. Student B is provided with a map with directions given on it and is supposed to tell the directions using structures already learned. Student A, meanwhile, uses Street View in a virtual reality and follows the directions of his peer and is free to ask further questions to find that specific location that is supposed to be reached.
This game can also be played in different groups in a competition in which Ss play against other groups and try to find the location as soon as possible in a teamwork. Eventually, the group reaching the location in the shortest time wins the game. The game is quite effective as one student practices speaking skills on the structure while the other improves listening and comprehension skills on the same structure at the same time.