TV Series

In order to investigate EFL teachers’ individually-guided professional development activities in Turkey and identify any needs for new professional development programs, Dr. Cagri Ozkose-Biyik from Yasar University and Dr. Oner Uslu from Ege University have developed a questionnaire. Then, they collected data from 820 EFL teachers across Turkey as well conducting 28 individual interviews. The TV Series shared with you here are the ones that the EFL teachers mentioned in these questionnaires and interviews. Please feel free to reach Dr. Cagri Ozkose-Biyik at if there are other TV Series that might be of interest to language teachers.

1. HIMYM- TV Series
2. Fringe- TV Series
3. Big Bang Theory- TV Series
4. The X Files – TV Series
5. Spartacus- Tv Series
6. Vikingler- TV Series
7. Revolution- TV Series
8. Walking Dead- TV Series
9. King of the Queens -TV Series
10. Hot in Cleveland – TV Series
11. Movies with English subtitles
12. Merlin- Tv series
13. Karlar Ülkesi- Tv series
14. Breaking Bad TV series
15. Tudors- TV series
16. Game of Thrones- TV series
17. Star Wars- TV series
18. Dexter- TV series