Fun easy English

Title: Fun easy English
Date: 11.9.2016
Reviewer: Behice Ceyda Cengiz
1) Availability of Membership/Subscription (Phone, email, social media)

2) Whether registration is required for the access to the materials, worksheets etc.
Registration is not required. All of the materials are for free.
3) Authorship (Contact/ information about the author/institution/website owner)

The author/ owner of the website can be identified.
4) Site description and content (Short description of website, purpose, language skills, materials and activities, learners proficiency level, age )

The website offers free lessons everyday ,which are generally presented in the form of videos and textual explanation (of grammar points, punctuation, etc.). In these lessons, a guy (the owner of the website) chooses a topic for every day and addresses a language skill or area. Other than these lessons, one can click on different language /skills in other sections and find the relevant materials. For example, in reading comprehension section, one can find the reading text, comprehension questions and the video lesson. One is also encouraged to use the dictionary embedded in the website. In grammar section, most of the grammar points are explained in textual, video or in both forms. There may be accompanying grammar tests. Pronunciation also has a place in the website. Many illustrations including pictures, videos and textual explanations are provided. Most of the content in the website is for beginner and intermediate level learners although some of it can also be relevant for advanced level learners.
5) Up-to-datedness (Updated time and current links)

The website is updated frequently. All of the links are working.
6) Accuracy (Accurate information, bibliography, language accuracy)
The language used on the website is accurate. No bibliography is provided.
7) Presentation (Organization/navigation, user-friendliness, technical aspects, graphics, advertisement)

It can be considered a user friendly website. It is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for since there are special headings for different language skills/areas. But there is too much content in a single page. There is not a standard for font size and color.
8) Usefulness (For teachers / students – in class or out class activity)
The website can be beneficial for adult learners of English, who prefer self-studying. For classroom teaching, the teacher can choose the videos with an interesting content (e.g. most important things in a relationship) as listening materials and use them as discussion prompts. Videos about idioms/slangs can be interesting for students. Reading passages and questions can be used in the classroom. Vocabulary lists made for every letter can be given to students. Also flashcards about certain vocabulary can be preferred in the classroom while grammar section (e.g. tests) can be good for revising the grammar points covered in the classroom.
9) Overall rating

1 Very Poor (Not recommended)
2 Poor (Not appropriate)
3 Adequate (Acceptable with adaptation)
4 Good (Appropriate for use)
5 Excellent (Highly recommended)
1 2 3 4 5