Cambridge Dictionaries Online

Title: Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Date: 11.9.2016
Reviewer: Behice Ceyda Cengiz
1) Availability of Membership/Subscription (Phone, email, social media)

2) Whether registration is required for the access to the materials, worksheets etc. Without any registration, one can use the website as a dictionary platform. Registration is required for My Dictionary, which allows one to create, save and share wordlists and quizzes.
3) Authorship (Contact/ information about the author/institution/website owner)

The Cambridge dictionary website has a blog, to which anyone can contribute. The author names are given in the blog.
4) Site description and content (Short description of website, purpose, language skills, materials and activities, learners proficiency level, age )

It is a dictionary website for many languages including English (both UK and US), Spanish, Italian, French, Thai, Russian, German and Portugeese. For every word, its meaning, word category, phonetic transcription, pronunciation (both UK and US), synonyms, related words, Turkish translation and example sentences are provided. One can also use the website for doing translation (not advanced level). There is word of the day corner. Also the website has a blog which generally includes posts by different people about different/common usages in English, etc.
5) Up-to-datedness (Updated time and current links)

It is a website, which is updated frequently as seen from the dates given in the blog and the word of the day corner.
6) Accuracy (Accurate information, bibliography, language accuracy) The language used on the website is accurate. No bibliography is provided.
7) Presentation (Organization/navigation, user-friendliness, technical aspects, graphics, advertisement)

It can be considered a user friendly website. It is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.
8) Usefulness (For teachers / students – in class or out class activity) The dictionary includes a vast amount of words and provides all essential information about each word (e.g. word category, pronunciation, etc.)It is an excellent resource for self-study. Especially for pronunciation, it presents different varities of English (both US and UK).
9) Overall rating

1 Very Poor (Not recommended)
2 Poor (Not appropriate)
3 Adequate (Acceptable with adaptation)
4 Good (Appropriate for use)
5 Excellent (Highly recommended)
1 2 3 4 5